Love On The Run Movie

There was never any doubt, no question that it was love at first sight when they first laid eyes on each other. They both knew instantly they had just laid eyes on their life long forever love and soul mate. Robbi knew instantly Shirl would one day become his wife and Shirl instantly knew it too. That's when Shirl freaked and the trouble began. . She knew immediatley she was in trouble because she was feeling true love, something she had never felt before and instantly started her 4 year long running expedition. Even after 4 years Robbi still never gave up the hope or his dream of making Shirl his wife because he knew they they were meant to be and they both knew God was bringing them together. He knew that it would happen, but 'when' seemed to be the biggest question.

Watch the journey these two rocks stars take on their road to where fairy tales become reality!

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Watch the Music Video "Is It True?" which is the reenactment of when Robbi confronted Shirl about her running from him.

Now, An exclusive raw, never before seen footage of the different camera angles and takes in the making of "Is It True" along with some behind the scenes footages as well. See how it really went down between Robbi and Shirl in the reenactment of when Robbi confronted Shirl about her running from him in this never before seen rare edition of "Is it true?" at the end of the video. Following the Original Music video "Is It True?" by Robbi & Shirl Spencer

Produced by Robbi Spencer and
©2011 Progressive Edge Records/BMI


Movie based on the book "Love On The Run" Written by: Robbi & Shirl Spencer

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